Don Davis: Blog en-us (C) Don Davis (Don Davis) Wed, 05 Jun 2013 15:32:00 GMT Wed, 05 Jun 2013 15:32:00 GMT Don Davis: Blog 73 120 A good time was had by all... I always enjoy rodeo and related events, but the Dan Larson Memorial Bull ride is special since Dan was a cousin of mine.

With Howard Sears, another cousin, now retired as a rodeo photographer, I enjoy being able to provide photos to contestants and volunteers through this Website. While I have photographed the event before, I spent more time on it this year. 

Dave and Liz Larson and their blood and rodeo families work hard on this bull riding and barrel racing event. 

Bulls and barrels The enjoyment was mixed with a bit of frustration, I have to admit. The Monroe County Fairgrounds arena is pretty dark and I really don't like the looks of rodeo photos when I use flash. This year was worse because the weather forced the bull riding to be moved further east, and even more out of range of the lights. (I should say that lights are expensive, and since my father was president of the fair board at one point I do understand that new, bright lights are not feasible.) I did experiment a bit with flash and other things, so photos should be better next time.

In the meantime, if you order prints my suggestion is to keep them to about 8 by 10 or smaller. You can try larger ones, but they may be a bit grainy. You are on your own with that decision.

While I have a full-time job, don't hesitate to contact me if you have a rodeo or similar event that you need photographed. I live just outside the Twin Cities, and my location and job demands dictate how far I can go.

By the way, the copyright symbol in the bottom left of the 2013 Larson bulls photos is a protection against people making copies without placing orders. The symbol will not appear on any prints you order.



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We've only just begun Photos are a passion with me and I long have wanted a way to share family photos with family and to allow others to see some from places I have been lucky enough to visit.

For about 20 years, my e-mail addresses have started with "rodeophotos," which may tip you off to one of my hobbies. While a political reporter in North Dakota, I followed the Roughrider Rodeo Association around in the summer, taking pictures and making enough money to pay for my trips and keep my photo equipment updated. It was a great way to escape the state Capitol.

I still am a political reporter, but in the Minnesota Capitol (although I live in Hudson, Wisconsin, about 20 miles away). The number of rodeos I photograph has dropped (unfortunately), but the variety of photos has increased. 

So here is a photo site that once I find time to add many of my pictures will have photos from things ranging from mountains to flowers, elephants to, yes, rodeos.

Please feel free to visit the contact page and, well, contact me with your thoughts. And if you need any photos taken, I would love to fit it in around my political reporting duties.


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